GetCurrentMethod possibly returning the "wrong" method (was Re: Raising property changed events)

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Okay, it turns out that I asked the wrong question to the JIT dev. 

I asked 'Does the JIT has any special knowledge about GetCurrentMethod when determining whether to inline a method?'. What I should have asked was 'Does the JIT have any special knowledge about *the characteristics* of a method like GetCurrentMethod when determining whether to inline a method?' The JIT guys are not managed developers - they talk in terms of CLI intrinsics not particular APIs.

The behavior you are seeing on that thread is correct. Callers of GetCurrentMethod will not be inlined. It is *not*, however, because of what Jeroen states. The JIT does not take into an account StackCrawlMark when determine whether to inline a caller, or the callee itself (it's not a coincidence that every method that gets a StackCrawlMark, is also marked as Noinlining). 

It's actually due to another reason; GetCurrentMethod is marked as RequireSecObject[1]. This method attribute (applied via the internal-only pseudo attribute, DynamicSecurityMethodAttribute) is used to indicate to the JIT that it should store extra information on the stack for methods that call it. It also has a side-effect of preventing those same methods from being inlined. 

One thing to note is that Assembly.GetCallingAssembly and Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly are not marked as RequireSecObject so these do not have the same guarantee. As the docs call out for Assembly.GetCallingAssembly you can't prevent your callers from being inlined (other than having opt out), however, the later, GetExecutingAssembly, you can apply NoInlining and NoOptimization to the method calling it to prevent it from getting the wrong results.


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Thanks for that clarification. However GoogleDesktop found my previous recollection discussing this was in the Microsoft NewsGroups, which now Googling for the subject of that exchange "Reflection and compiler inlining" found this other reply:

On 2009-12-11 6:18, Alex Clark wrote:
> Yes, because any method that calls MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod() will 
> not be inlined. This is because .GetCurrentMethod() includes a 
> StackCrawlMark, a special magical enum for methods that need to walk 
> the stack (like
> .GetCurrentMethod() predictably needs, to look for its caller) that 
> prevents the caller from being inlined. Trying to be clever by 
> sticking the call in a delegate like Mark did will not upset this, 
> because methods that call delegates are not inlined either.

(as retrieved from
but there are a number of clones of this info)

So have things changed or was Alex Clark wrong?
Mark Hurd, B.Sc.(Ma.)(Hons.)

On 25 March 2011 02:40, David Kean <David.Kean at> wrote:
> I chased this up with one the devs on the JIT team. He confirmed that the JIT/NGEN doesn't give this guarantee, both inlining and tail calls can cause Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly, Assembly.GetCallingAssembly and Method.GetCurrentMethod to return incorrect results. You can somewhat mitigate that by marking your method with NoInlining (to prevent inlining) and NoOptimization (to prevent the JIT spitting out tail calls)[1], however, it is still possible for this to return incorrect results in certain other situations.
> s.methodimploptions.aspx
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> Hmm, I'll check internally, but I'd be surprised if we give that guarantee. We're free to change our inlining policy at any time, in fact, we did just that in 3.5 SP1 x64 which broke a lot of customers who were relying on Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly() without explicitly turning off inlining for the method.
> Whether you can repro something now, is not a good indication of whether we'll continue to support in a future service pack or version - always check  the docs. However, in saying that, the docs don't really make it clear that this might not work correctly in certain situations. In which case, if we don't give the above guarantee I'll make sure they call it out.
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> On 23 March 2011 15:00, Mark Hurd <markehurd at> wrote:
>> I believe it was in this mailing list that we previously confirmed 
>> using GetCurrentMethod, even when included in convoluted ways, 
>> guarantees the method will not be inlined.
> Gmail says GetCurrentMethod has /not/ been mentioned before on this mailing list since I've been part of it, so I'm remembering that wrong.
>> Can you show an example where GetCurrentMethod does not return the 
>> expected method?
> This request still stands however.
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> Regards,
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